«Imprisoned» a documentary about the Tibetan filmmaker Dhondup Wangchen 

Imprisoned  will explore  a man’s heroism and its result to his wife and children. How do his wife Lhamo Tso and the four children cope with the frightening prospect that their loved husband and father will be separated for many years. And what does it mean to be reunited after years of separation?

We are very confident to have found a good narrational structure and film idea for all the events after Dhondup Wangchen’s arrest in March 2008. This is the starting point for the new film project. It will reconstruct the circumstances surrounding the making of Leaving Fear Behind as well as the outcomes and therewith will stand as a tragic example of what the consequences may be that come with trying to speak out for freedom of expression for people living in Tibet. His sentence ends in June 2014 and we will follow with a camera the family’s reunion.

We are happy to announce that a filmmaker couple from Switzerland, that has already been involved in the production of Leaving Fear Behind, will support us making the new film additionally to the original team of Tibetan filmmakers that helped to finish Leaving Fear Behind.

We will keep you updated about the new film and ask you to support the project with a donation.